Bridge Water Filter

Date: 09 Dec 2009

This product is suitable for the fourth category and hard rock geology, gravel surrounded,watery geology detection hole,preview hole,detection and mining combined well and various mining holes,etc.  It is made of carbon steel,manganese steel and stainless steel,etc.With high mechanical strength.
  Because of its hole-bridge structure,resistance made by sands to water through the opening is relatively low.Thus,it has high filtration rate.
  It has even poenings and the dimension of which can be adjusted in manufacture according to the demand.
  Filter tubes made of carbon steel and manganese steel are zinc-planting in their surface,so they have high corrosion resistance.
  Light weight of filter pipe makes it convenient to be transported and installed.

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Shandong Geological Prospecting Machinery Plant
1,3rd District,Dianliu,xincun,Jinan,Shandong[0]
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